The World of Coca-Cola


Careful this following post is a little nerdy. I think if I found it on somebody's site I would be a little worried about the author. So as an introduction I should probably mention that I visited the Coke campus in Atlanta several times, (and it was for work, not just leisure.)
I think quite highly about some of the people I had the chance to meet there. Some previous Coke employees are among the finest people I know.
Knowing the dedication and the attention to detail by those who work for and at Coke, the following observations were a bit of a surprise...
Let us walk over to the Coca-Cola Worldwide page on
The first thing that appears to be quite extraordinary here is the fact that there is no Iceland on this corporate map and that a place called Greenland also went missing. Am I being too focused on places that "do not matter"? Do I have a strange point of view? Well, Coke does have a local Website in Iceland and as for Greenland... does this count?
North pole and South Pole are gone too, of course. Where did the Coca-Cola ice bears move to now? (Did they have to move in with the penguins at some not disclosed location?)
I understand that the designer did not like the look of the map which is quite wrong as it is even if it included Greenland and Iceland here a quick comparison. London is about as south as the real world Rome. What a dream map for somebody who likes to refresh the world. (Just hope that this is not the "official" view of the world... real Japan, for example, does not touch the equator.
So this all could of course still be filed under me being too concerned about an idealized map somewhere on a corporate site...
Well, let us take a look at that Coca-Cola worldwide spinning globe that morphed out of a little gas bubble as we entered the page.
Not only are the same suspects missing of this not-blue planet... no Greenland, no Iceland, no North-pole and no South-pole... the sun on the Coca-Cola site appears to rise in the West. (I wonder who thought this far out of the box as to make the globe spin the other way. Are we being told something here? Am I missing some really cool message?)
Oh this is a really weird nerdy complainer post. Not really my style. I am not really good at these... hmm... I shall now stop...
Please forgive...
Wait, one positive thing... On the site (Which really can not be reached via, are some quite funny little movies I think this one is my favorite... Oh and can somebody please help me understand this?


no iceland?!?!? (whimpers.)

no björk, no....
hmm... what were they thinking?...
: )

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