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Super FIT marathon...

There is a serious thunderstorm across the river in New Jersey. The lightning is spectacular. Again and again and again. What a day it has been today. From the very morning when there was barely any time to eat, until now, when it is far too late to even eat. Spent five hours at FIT today, reviewing senior portfolios. Nine students had chosen me for a one on one conversation. The talents varied, which is not a bad thing. Tried to provide some valuable feedback. I hope it was okay. I had a fantastic time. really. Each one of the students had to see five of somebody like me... I wonder if any one of the students will even remember me. I am glad I stayed the entire time from 5 to 10PM, the last two portfolios were really extraordinary. I am too tired now to elaborate any more on this... it was a great time... I have a presentation tomorrow... it is really time to get some sleep... yet again... This thunderstorm will work really well, I hope... good night...

Layers upon layers...

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Went back into the belly of Grand Central Station last night, just to make sure everything was still in place. The last few months of work are now materialized by large messages here and there and in other places. I was told that somebody had "defaced" the work by placing antiwar stickers on it. I wanted to see that... no worry, just curiosity... And the stickers were actually placed in nice locations, consistant locations, even with a certain sense of humor... and that was pretty nice... it was also nice to see that they were now an additional layer in the message... And elements of one image become a vehicle for another image, which then becomes another vehicle, and so on... it took a lifetime for the location and the images to meet. And I will never know the entire story. And nobody will ever know the entire story. And I have the feeling that there is no such thing as "the" or "entire," or "story." And 14 humans are born in an hour in New York, and I wonder how many are born in an hour in the world... Layers upon layers upon layers upon layers.

yer fired...

Designing for outside spaces can ba a bit of a challenge these days. How often do designers create work for spaces that they never get to actually see in person? All that is communicated are specs, limitations of print production, maybe some other particular requirements. Much of the actual design process then ends up happening on the same screen that is used for researching the web, writing memos and IMing colleagues. It could also be that the image below is the result of "vendor pricing optimization"... yeah... that's probably what happened here... (everything is a deal, you know...) ah, it might not really matter... it is just temporary, for a year or so... ; )

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