Julia Oschatz, Artist


There is a haunting quality in the work of Julia Oschatz, the young German artist from Frankfurt/Main. There is a certain coolness and coldness and cruelty in many of the depicted scenes, even though the visual language of the work could be perceived as sweet and innocent by someone who does not know a dark side of life.
Take a look at the artist's extraordinary site. Julia-Oschatz.de.
I recommend that you start with the paintings and then look at the drawings, the clay-animation the objects and installations.
Just keep clicking, keep clicking. I also really like the references section of the site...
(Entry to be extended...)


it is beautiful stuff

: )
it is, isn't it?

yep, pal !!!

it is. and you know what !? you are god damn right...

yours tony.

aawwwwww....they're cute hard core boys

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