puppie style...


Woke up again, in the middle of the night. Looked down on Broadway. It was quiet last night. I adjusted the air conditioning from loud to cross atlantic f. I must have spun five times before ending up as a little ball of human on one of the sofa pillows in the living room. Not quite sure if my dreams included imagining being an Irish Setter named Steven but I certainly woke up as if I had spent the entire night running like mad. I am really dog tired now.
Looked out of the window again, and there, on the concrete bench outside of Symphony Space was a homeless person, curled up in the exactly same position as I was just minutes before.
Oh and the air conditioner managed successfully to bring the room temperature to however warm it is outside. I will probably be reborn as a tree just for that.
Dog tired, confused, with a dry and warm nose. This is going to be a tough monday of an even tougher week... yooowl...


poor doggie *scratches your belly*


I roll on my back and give up.

: P // //

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