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four cardinals.

there were two male cardinals at my window this morning. and their plumage was not quite the vibrant red of adults. (or at least this was my interpretation.) they were rather relaxed going through my window boxes. i did not want to scare them, of course, but it seemed as if they could not be disturbed. (i found cardinals to be rather shy birds. i guess they have to be in order to survive in such fire-engine plumage.) on the edge of the fire escape was a female cardinal, her head clearly showing excitement. a bit later, an adult male also arrived. a total of four cardinals by my window. truly exciting somehow. (it might have happened many times before, just perhaps with me in no proximity.) i think that the female might be the bird who came to feed here last winter. it looks like she might be bringing her young to feeding places? my window seems to be on the list. (i do not know anything about the breeding behaviour of cardinals, so i can only make such simple conclusions.) i hope everything will be okay for the whole family. what i thought were the two kids looked a bit careless though. maybe it is just my own age showing.


actually, there is always witold.vox.com or at least i hope that it is always. and this place will hopefully always be as well. oh, the distracted mind. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And so i walked down both. cheers i like how language is falling apart he re : )

the funny thing is that it is tuesday now and i am just as tired as i was worried i would end up being a few days ago. but so much more happened. and so many good things fell on my head. softly. like jelly falls onto a soft layer of dusty fine sand. just like that. why does it have to be in any way comprehendible what i am writing here? this here is a place where i should probably not worry about an audience at all? listening to arctic monkeys just about now. in my good chair. the one that makes me tilt to the left hand side. silly chair. ready for a good night. sleep. the poor man's drug. oh, the good night. the better one of the nights. slopysleepysnot.

i can't believe i am still up. this is going to be a tough monday (and tuesday and wednesday and then the rest too...) grr...

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