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the waiter at the "grecian restaurant" also made my breakfast today. "you watched me," he said, when i told him that he had prepared the food even better than the cook who used to stand there in the early shift. "i used to have my own place. then i had four places. now i work here." i made some strange hand movement resembling my finger riding a roller coaster. "yes, exactly." the new ten dollar bill he gave me has the "god" in "in god we trust" completely blacked out. the numbers are also x-ed out. somebody apparently trusted a marker more than anything else... and yet still accepted the new cash. (which actually is "real.") i have a bit of a case of job jet lag, after having spent more than 25 hours at the office this past weekend. the only advantage of going into the city at 6:30 am yesterday was perhaps the very smooth cab ride. it took 20 minutes from the corner here to get all the way to midtown. i like new york with its empty morning streets. and i really am not sure what time it is now. i wonder how long it will take me to find my internal watch. it is lost somewhere. i think i just sold it. and other things too. just have to make sure to find my own, not try to buy it somewhere. kicking myself for having missed amy's show in indianapolis. guess i will have to make sure i manage to have a day off when she has a next one. current feeling? like phenylthiocarbamide. You can listen to a portion of this entry on Open Source with Chrystopher Lyndon.

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