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Is there such a thing like a fair box fight? Can a boxing match have two winners, even when there is a knock out and blood everywhere and some serious pain right there in the face, not even talking about the long term damage? The Lewis-Tyson fight last night was quite a spectacular event. The two fighters needed to be separated, because they would have probably ripped each other apart, bit off their heads, crunched their sculls? There was biting long before the fight started.
Both boxers were let at each other like two Roosters in a Cockfight. There were actually a line of security guards in the ring, wearing yellow t-shirts separating the fighters before the event.
Once the fight was on, it took Lewis about a round or two to win dominance and shortly after to draw blood off Tyson’s face. The fight was over in the 7th round. Tyson, who was shorter, er of the two, his punches never really hit Lewis. (Well, maybe once or twice.)
I never really thought Tyson could win this one, until the after fight interview, in which Tyson wiped sweat off Lewis’ face and thanked him for the “great payday”. Seriously. In front of Cameras. He was ready to do it again. “I want to do this again”. And there it hit me. These guys were separated all the time, because, in fact, they are long time buddies. Didn’t they use to be roommates? They know each other, talk, hang out. Probably share recipes or something. When they came to fight in Memphis, they rented houses on the same block not by accident, but to hang out together, to watch the MTV music awards, or the World Cup, maybe to have some X-Box action.
So here we go, all around winners. One less santa to believe in. And the world looks a bit more like Kaiju Big Battel!!! (Thank you for the link, Todd.)
P.S. I really think Lennox Lewis is cool. He can not be made look evil because he probably is not. And he has some brains. Oh, and did you hear his reggae entry song? “No-one cross this maan.”
P.P.S. My favorite sport is chess.


I had a well thought out response to this blog entry, but I hit the wrong button on the form and I lost it. I'm not going to write it all over again, but I will say this:
I do not think they're friends today. They were roomates for a few weeks 20 years ago when they were first coming up, true. I'm not sure if they spent any other time living together. And I believe that Tyson meant every word he said about Lewis and eating Lewis's children. Remember, this is a man who bit off Holyfield's ear in the ring when he was losing; he loses his temper and freaks out at press conferences (not just the one he bit Lewis at) and was convicted of rape. He's clearly nuts. Why he's nuts is a whole other debate, one that I'm not going into.
To recap: Tyson = loon
The fight was great. I am a Lewis fan, myself.

What is the title/artist of his entry song? That was sweeeeet!

What is the title/artist of his entry song? That was sweeeeet!

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