I feel like such a #1.5


Oh my God! According to Google, I am now the Number *ONE* “witold” in the world. (Probably for 3 minutes, but hey!) Wow. Stardom in a search engine. Who knew. ; )
Thank you so much, my friends. You all know that I am certainly not a #1, just do not tell Google. ; )
(What was I doing searching for my name on Google on a sunny sunday anyway?, oh boy.)


Hey! Congratulations! I did my search today, and you're still #1 cyber-Witold! Hey, what are the chances that I even make it into Google? Yeah, yeah... So I also did a stupid little search. There's this high-school basketball player (a girl) who's also called Michelle Munoz. All Google results are about her, since she apparently is doing great every week at her games. I want ME to be a Google star. Arghhhhhh!

more than a year later, still #1. may it stay that way for a long time to come...

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