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“Kopnac w kalendarz”, - “to kick the calendar”, is a slang expression for dying where I was born. I am not dead yet. It is just that I kicked out this pretty Calendar that used to decorate the sidebar of this blog. I write something every day. Actually several times a day, so the calendar was pretty useless. I know that there are fantastic ways to deal with a calendar in Movable type. (See superbe Dawn-calendar), but I am far from being skilled enough to do crazy great things like that. So for now, whatever seems more urgent made it to the top. The seven last entries, for lazy scrollers, and the archives are now officially above the fold. You want better stuff than what I have to offer? Start scrolling. Cheers.


think forward.

set dates in the future that you find appropriate. rather than using a clendar to keep track of your past, which as you say is filled with unique unites of at least a blog a day.

you could imagine what your future may look like. suggesting days for certain thoughts and times for particular issues.

and just imagine, what will happen once you catch up with your future?

for the rest of the time, live in the now and visualise the tomorrow.

Tip: read source code of the pages that you like. You can pick up a lot of ideas and howto's from it :)

PS - sent you an email

Kicking the calendar seemed to also kick the sidebar back down below the posts. I and PC's are driving you nuts yes?

Wow!, thank you. (I hope it is fixed now...)

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