The greatest little menue


See the menue on top of this page? I just tried to install ULTIMATE DROPDOWN MENU v3.4.1 by Brothercake and it just does not want to work in IE5 on mac, for some odd reason. It works fine in Netscape, but the rest of this blog looks pretty scary in netscape, so I do not recommend. Is the menue working for you? What am I doing wrong? I will try to look at it tomorrow. For now... good night.


looks like the menues work in any browser but IE5 on a mac... (the browser I use...)
Oh well... the quest continues.
: )

it works fine on the homepage... just not here...

Personally, I liked the old way better. More simplified. But that is only my opinion. :)

Also, funnily enough I was at my friend's house and browsing on his powerbook and noticed your site is actually centered...

Oh lordy, when will true multi-platform, cross-browser compatibility ever happen?

It sorta of works here on my mac IE 5.1.4. But when I move from left to right the rollovers lag one spot!

The dropdown software I use is for Adobe GoLive only and is called MenuMachine :: power tools for adobe golive. It works great, see Sierra Vista Community Church for an example (Yes I maintain that site, it is not great but it serves the purpose)

Works ok for me.

got rid of the menue...
it was just a bit much.

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