eMac for everyone


I almost thought I got an old issue of the Wallstreet Journal this morning. Apple - eMac was in the news. Now that is old news, no? Apparently the eMac is available for all of us now. Nifty. I am sticking to my old G3 Powerbook for now. (And to my Apple shares. I believe in Apple.)


Ditto on Apple! I have been a stock owner for many years, and bought my first Apple II in 1979. I still have it and I think it still works! The new iMac and eMac both look great, they should build market share now! Go Steve! ;-)

Yey!, I have the first portable mac as well as the powerbook 100, which is the same computer after a really hot wash. (I also have a quadra 800. and a g3 tower.)
I mainly (only) use a Power-book Pismo.
And yes, I also believe in Apple. Own a bunch of shares. : )

Hmm a Mac user. Nearest I got to an Apple was an Acorn Electron Home computer.

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