Simpler feels better sometimes

Sorry for posting things about this site over and over again. I have other posts in draft mode, so there is more exciting content coming to this screen, later. I think i need to make this site much simpler than it is now. It is all about content. I really do not want to distract with fancy interfaces. It is all about content. If the content is not good, no fancy interface is going to help it. If the content is good, why make things complicated? I know that there is an unlimited amount of solutions to any problem. I just want things to be simple. Be it all like 1997, as long as it is easy to navigate, yet still intimate enough to encourage interaction. Hmm... just thinking out loud... I will now shut down this machine and maybe just rest for a few hours. But I will be back. (Oh, and the menue from the homepage?... I will remove it in 3 minutes.)

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