Mylayne on Kairiciforms* and drawing.

There are drawings and then there is photography, it seems. Both media flirt with time, yet seemingly in such completely different ways. I was very deed this morning to find quotes from Jean-Luc Mylayne on page 131-132 of Parkett 50/51. Mylayne writes about drawing and time. Oddly enough, he is a photographer who takes weeks to complete a picture. Photographs filled with magical energy. He is the one who takes these stunning portraits of birds.

Here are the quotes:

We are probably the first Kairiciforms*. Life evolves in at least four different dimensions. One of them is time, which has yet to be precisely conceptualized. Humankind has a special relationship with this dimension… which leads to isolation in a condition of paradoxical ambiguity: a vertiginous, intoxicating acuity is pitted against an insidious otherness.

*Kairiciforms: from Greek. Kairos, i.e., time as a qualitative phenomenon.


Drawing is a fundamental link with time,
The stimulating intrigue of rebellious dimension
Contracted unexpectedly by compelling subterfuge;
The silent drawing, indelibly impressed on memory, writes towards eternity.

From an unpublished collection, L’écrit vers l’éterel – Les premiers Kairiciformes
(Writing Towards Eternity – The First Kairiciforms)

From Parkett 50/51 1997

Can’t wait to send these quotes to Jerry Phillips A master of the pencildrawing.

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