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we are here. and in the larger context of things we are invisible.
yes, we might have language and pictures and lives. but in the larger context of things we are invisible. the brother is invisible. and so are the parents. the children will be invisible too.
the only thing that will maybe survive is the idea of our existence. the idea that something like us existed at some point. one in 7 billion. more than ever.
i think 80 percent of the people who have ever lived on earth are alive today.
and we are some of them. tiny creatures that eat and sleep and drink and think.
now we are better connected then ever before.
but it does not rally matter.
in the larger context of thing all we can do is try to be good to each other.
because soon we will be simply gone.
in the larger context of things, of course.
in the tiny context of things, it is very important to pay attention to every little detail.
i like your new nails. but did you make your hair wavy? not sure this is the best. i like the larger curls much more.
oh, the universe. the universe is a tiny sphere.
we are here. we are here in some sort of context of things.


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