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Apples and oranges and things.

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♥ NY

one beautiful thing about New York is that there is always someone here who is more talented than you. So you do not have to worry about being the best and surrounded by idiots. Because if you think that you are great, there is always Chuck Close.
And if you are Chuck Close, there is always Andy Warhol.
And yes it is incredibly simplified and not really apples to apples, but it is actually possible to compare apples to oranges.

It gets silly when Oranges are upset about Apples not having a skin that can be easily peeled. Or if Apples are angry because Oranges do not hold on to their stem.
There is no one way of doing things right, or we would all be doing that thing.
Attempts have been made to normalize things and to create predictability in certain processes, especially creative, but the problem is that there is that danger of creating formulas. And formulas are cool in theory, but in theory we do not need practice, yet in practice we do.

It is fun to just troll through expressions seemingly not related to each other. And it is always great fun to hint at things in ways that will make me scratch my head in a year or so.
Because next year, everything is going to change. The amazing date will no longer be in October, it will actually be in November, on the 11th, at 11.
And making this date special is going to again ignore the 2000 years that were just arbitrarily chosen to normalize the calendars. Some calendars at least.

The world continues.

I am looking forward to going on little journeys again.

And I can not stop taking, or making pictures. A blessing. A very welcome workout for many senses.

I will talk about that Leica Academy workshop some other time.
That's a very separate story somehow.

Because there might be no separate stories really.
Just as Apples and Oranges are both often delicious fruit... like Tomatoes.
Actually, once you begin to compare three fruit. Apples and Oranges start looking much more similar than one would probably expect.

I ♥ NY

the dead one

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the dead one

around the block from the office, on the side of a parking lot a dead evergreen turned red and blue and beautiful. surrounded by regular green siblings it looks as if it came from a world with a different spectrum.
the needles are dry and sharp now, no longer dark and soft.
but it is beautiful.
just the way most trees will turn in the coming weeks.
except that this one will not return in the spring.
it will most likely just sit there.
until perhaps it is going to be replaced at some point.
but chances are it will not be.
for now it is perfect just the way it is.

wild boxes

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wild boxes

coming home in the evening, after a day of work and a muggy commute, it was nice to see that the wild boxes are still roaming the patches of kensington.
right near the prospect expressway, two of them played catch in the grass.
not very big these two, one probably a bit younger than the other, but most likely fallen from the same nest.
i did not dare to come closer, as they could have run away towards the cars. or worse, they would have tried to come home with me. and i would need to feed them, probably right away.
chances are that they will follow someone else. they will find food in some home near church avenue, or on caton.
and the grass will wait for the next wild thing. a mattress perhaps, or some crazy bottles or plastic bags that can't stop but wish everyone a nice day.
even in the middle of the night.

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