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remember the under construction signs that used to littler the web when it was that empty set of tubes? well, just imagine one here right now... i am working on some things, somehow... hmm... testing testing.
will be right back. but nobody is going to notice it anyway...
nobody visits this place anyway...
; )

okay... i will slowly rebuild...

pretty loaded, the museum of good looking loaders...

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Can't wait to see the final result! Always been a big fan of this blog...

I have been occasionally visiting and reading some of your archives while your site is under construction and have been really enjoying some of your earlier posts.
There is one in particular called "About a Hand".

"It appears to be a story which has traveled through generations, leaving a trail of fearful little children."

My mother used to tell me this too! Whenever I saw young kids getting angry with their parents I always rememeber thinking, "Those silly children!! Why do they hit their Mothers? Don't they know what will happen to them?" I thought I was the only one who was told this "secret" by my Mum!

Thanks for sharing this stuff! Especially your older entries which I've really loved reading.


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