almost out of the house now...

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Man meets t-shirt, meets jeans, meets open window, meets cigarette, meets fresh air, meets black squirrel on fire escape. I am going to leave the house in a few minutes, after a bowl of curry with rice. What a perfect morning it was, flights of stairs climbed with greatest joy, a walk in the not yet explored, beautiful park. Some of the very best conversations. Joy, deep in the core. I measured the time. It takes me about two minutes to be at the park entrance. Probably four minutes with coffee purchase. The flea market really offers the exactly same items as last week. The black squirrel is now out of sight. The man with the cigarette just closed the patched up window. The bowl of rice is nearly empty. It is almost two o'clock. Really time to rush to Manhattan. It is going to be crazy... but I promised to show up, receive material for a presentation on Tuesday. And then there are some other things that need to get done, of course. The grey flower at the bottom of my rice bowl is a good reminder that it is time to go. More life later then.

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Rice Bowl? What were you eating?! Chuck Broes

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