Seeing light and a dead christmas tree.

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Another morning inside of a giant jewel-box. It looks as if the city had been rubbed in with a special oil over night and now a very custom golden light is shining on it, just to let the best colors come through, the warmest, the richest, the deepest. I have the feeling that I killed the christmas tree. Not that it was living a life of great joy since purchased last december 24th in the afternoon. It was a tiny tree, maybe a foot and a half tall, with a ridiculous plastic red bow attached to it with a wire. It took some effort to remove some of that other plastic decoration as well. The needles were angry and sharp. The tree was the very last one, I think. Now it has those dead brown needles in the center, some branches that are still semi-witty and then those droopy, sad, tired, limp tips of bright colored new growth. I must have given it too much water. Now the little friend has drowned. I remembered today to put the pot on an angle, and indeed, there was still water on the bottom. I really hope the roots did not start to rot. If they did, this is going to be a very tough case. Hmm... Maybe if I simulated a forest fire? Would this help dry the soil and mobilize the tree's spirit? Forest fires in manhattan apartments are definitely one of the worst possible ideas. Maybe there is a softer way... nucular (nuclear) fallout? Could I stuff the tree into the microwave?... I will see how much more I can dry the soil. Maybe some cutting will be needed as well. Oh boy... and I am such an absolute bonsai beginner...

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After taking a long hiatus from reading journals, I am very happy to have re-discovered yours, Witold. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it. :)

(thank you for coming back.)
i think we all miss

i wonder if simply re-potting it into drier soil would help?

this is purely a guess, though. i actually have no idea what to do in situations like these.

If Ansel Adams can put his test prints in the microwave then I'm sure a tree would be fine :-) You just need to find a large enough microwave...

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