Punch me baby one more time


IBM will leave the Hard-drive business within the next three years. So sad, it seems. Their little Travelstar drives are so cool. There is a 48GH one in my PowerBook right now. (I think it is, because I can not hear it at all.)
They will give it all to Hitachi. Why would they do such a thing?
There is obviously something on the horizon that goes beyond the spinning discs of Hard-drives. How about Punch-Cards? Yeah baby! Soon Hard-drives will be about as cool as floppy discs, (the big, soft double sided kind.)
The future is back!


When looking at one of the articles, I was side-tracked by an ad for the zoo! Maybe it is time for you and your trusty camera to take another visit : ) Look (from the ad)-->

Who's arrived at the Zoo? Here are some of our little ones; we'll be updating our announcements throughout the summer.

Monkey House
Geoffroy's tamarin
White-throated capuchin

Congo Gorilla Forest
De Brazza's monkey
Wolf's guenon
Western lowland gorillas (4 little ones! From 16-month old Pierrepont to 5-month-old Sufi Bettine)

Ebony langur
Silvered leaf monkey
Asian small-clawed otter
Malay tapir

Wild Asia
Axis deer
Indochinese tigers: one-year-old females Sita and Savita
Hog deer
Tufted deer

Bison Range
American bison

Pere David deer

Reptiles in Zoo Center
Common anaconda
American alligator
Hamilton's pond turtle
Radiated tortoise

Himalayan Highlands
White-naped crane

Aquatic Bird House
Scarlet ibis

Birds of Prey
Barred owl

African Plains
Slender-horned gazelle

And a map where to find them!


How cute are little ones... : )

Gads, that brings back memories (no pun intended). My first programming class for my BS degree was with Fortran and punch cards. Just don't get the cards out of order!!

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