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guimp: world's smallest website. Another one found by Tom today. It is so tiny that you will wish for a smaller monitor. It is a full fletched brochure site though. I think I even saw some soccer advertising. HTML and Flash versions available. Cheers.

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Oh, I LOVE this little site. How fun is that? What a great idea. Did you know that there is a built in magnifier in Windows? It's one of the apps in the accessories/accessibility folder. It opens a top frame to the OS and magnifies any number of x (2x,3x..) stuff that is near your mouse. You can look at this site as big as you want to with this. It's cool. However, the refresh is poor under magnification, so it's kind0f impossible to do well in PONG. Anyway, it's a better option than setting your monitor to 640x480, and it looks like the author turned off zooming in flash... funny.

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