more might seem less


Note to self. Take a series of pictures of New York streets, exposed consecutively longer. One second, two seconds, three seconds, and so forth. All of the images will need to be adjusted, so their values appear equal, or at least similar. What will change however will be the presence of life in the streets. The images will select their target. The images will record a longer and longer attention span. The images will appear sharper and sharper and they will be seemingly emptier and emptier. Only seemingly, of course. Because of their longer exposure they will actually record more, yet they will seem to have recorded less.


I found your blog while surfing around the place. I was going to show you where I am (a very cool idea btw) but my entire country is missing. I know New Zealand is pretty small but still *pout*

interesting you should ponder this.

i often ponder the inverse in scale. people claim a photograph "captures a moment in time". that is not true. even at the shortest exposure possible, an infinitely divisible period of time has been captured.

within that time period molecules are vibrating and traveling great distances. what appears to be a "still" image is anything but.

now my head hurts.

Hey, that's a great idea. Mind if I steal it? I'm here in Rome and have been having a hard time becoming inspired with photography here. Take it easy,

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