Hot and green and small.

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An interesting article in the New York Times today brings the comparison of two Supercomputers in Los Alamos. One of them large (Called Q), hot and fast, the other a bit slower, but much smaller and much, much more efficient, named after a Green Destiny. (A name straight from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.)
What will the future of supercomputing bring? For all of us?

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Ooooh! I love questions like this *jumps around*. I can't wait for the future. Imagine some slimline slinky but powerful PC's, portable (and cheap) PC's and internet access 24/7 whenever, whatever. And, best of all the Internet actually being sorted into categories so that little kiddies cannot get at porn so easily. Oh and I forgot to mention that we are that much closer to a Star Trek scenario of Beam me up Scotty. Now that's got me excited.

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