Lichtenberg wrote...


some aphorisms:

Der Pater: Ihr seid Manschenfresser, ihr Neuseeländer.
Neuseeländer: Und ihr seit Gottfresser, ihr Pfaffen.

The : You New Zealanders are cannibals.
New Zealander: And you clerics are Godeaters.

(the above was written some time between 1789 and 1793)

"Gottfresser" is such a strong word... Godeater does not quite give it justice... or does it? (fressen is not to eat... it is to devour...)


man könnte aber auch sagen,

you New Zealanders are devourers of men.
and you clerics are devourers of god.

I wonder if you get these comments as emails, or if they just float here...

und du hast dieses süßes spiel sicher schon gesehen, but just in case...

and yes, i get them as emails... : D

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