4+1 arrest

Four cops in shorts have captured a tall guy in a t-shirt right outside of McDonalds across Broadway. They do not seem to have a car, so they are killing time with a joyful conversation. He has his handcuffs on, he is not going anywhere. One of the policemen just finished going through the wallet of the captured guy. Glad he is done, he kept dropping stuff on the floor.
Everybody is just standing around now. The guy in handcuffs is just leaning against the wall in the alcove which is his temporary three wall prison.
Kids are fooling around outside of Mickie D's. Still no Police car in sight to pick up the 2am catch. The shortest cop must be telling a big time joke, his arms waving around and clapping like a little boy's.
He is now swinging his stick, he's making funny moves, he is hilarious. The other guys are pretty mellow.
The kids are leaving now. I wonder why there's no police car in sight. There are usually three here... maybe it is a busy night?

2:11 update. Policeman 5 arrives by foot. Now car 2789 also made it to the scene. Six men in black uniforms and one captured kid now. The shortest policeman is actually a woman?
Everybody looks still pretty relaxed. One cop went to get something to eat, another cop is going to get some money from the ATM. The kid is stepping from one foot to the other...
2:17 The cops are now talking to some sort of security guy. One cop stayed with the arrested kid. The kid is peeking out of his alcove, looking over the waving papers in the hand of the security guy.
Everybody is hanging out again... it is 74degrees out there. A nice and mellow night.
2:20 ATM cop is now talking to the captured guy. The kid is saying something, then trying to turn around. I think the cop just read something to the kid. Kid does not look happy...
ATM cop eneterd the alcove and is now talking to the kid, who is more than a head taller. They seem to be having a real discusion.
2:23 discussion is done. They are back to mellow standing around.
2:24 one of the policemen is using his cellphone. He is walking around with it.
2:25 they are taking the kid into the car. He will be riding in the back seat, of course. Four officers are going with him.
2:26 car 2789 has left the block.
All that is left is the MacDonald neon sign of a burger a shake and fries disappearing in a constant animation.
And there are people in the street, of course and cars. But they probably don't know about what happened, or the police, or that really tall kid.

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