Led Pigeons

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A single pigeon is resting on the windowsill of the top floor of the building across Broadway. It is resting on top of a crack that extends through all floors, all the way to the street level, perhaps even beyond. The crack might continue for miles into the ground. This is obviously a very heavy pigeon. Its own body almost collapsing under the tremendous weight. What will happen when there will be a second pigeon of similar weight next to it? Will the building give in, will there be casualties? Innocent lives will be lost. We have to protect the city from led pigeons before they can hurt us. Or maybe they already have? Are all cracks in buildings across the city caused by led pigeons? It is quite possible. We are obviously looking at a serious threat.
The pigeon flew away.
There is a little girl in the window of the top floor of the building across Broadway. She is holding on to the windowsill, as she is peeking down onto the street through dirty brown child-guards. Her left hand must have created a crack that extends through all floors of the building, all the way to the street level. She looks very from here, but she obviously is a very heavy girl with quite miraculous powers in her tiny left hand. If we let her grow older and stronger, she will probably have the ability to tear down buildings with one little finger. Or maybe she knows how to already. She obviously was able to almost split this building in half. Whom is she looking for in the street? Is she looking at the led pigeon that just flew away in a quiet and secretive way? Do they know each other? Is the pigeon a messenger that will send secret plans of destruction to a little boy with even more devastating powers somewhere on the other side of the park?
We are obviously looking at a serious thread. Or not?

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3 large black cars. from :: Witold Riedel :: NYC :: on November 13, 2002 7:40 AM

There are three large blue-black crown victoria limousines parked across Broadway. They look incredibly unmarked and very inconspicuous. If I Read More


this is exactly the type of situation that calls for a dept. of homeland security.

They are everywhere.

working now...

your stories are like strange new york fairy tales.
: )

here in dallas, indestructable armored opossums roam the streets and giant hawks patrol the skies.

i fear a hawk could take me a long ways from here.

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