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November 13, 2002
3 large black cars.

There are three large blue-black crown victoria limousines parked across Broadway. They look incredibly unmarked and very inconspicuous. If I were paranoid, I would probably check my emails now and try to remember what I might have said on the phone in recent days. Maybe a comment somebody made about squirrels on this blog, maybe some combination of words just made me look like some conspirateur. Was the post about the led pigeons too much? Should I not be using organization names like “Department of Homeland Security?” Or have there been minutes, hours or even days I do not remember? Have I woken up dressed and bruised? Were there moments when I maybe blacked out and might have been on some hypnotized mission across town, climbing the roofs of the upper east side? My muscles are oddly sore at times. I do wear black socks. Some people seem to recognize me in the street, even though I could swear to have never seen them before. If I were paranoid, I would probably really worry about these three undercover cars right now. But I am not paranoid enough to believe that I am more important to them than this 24 hour Dunkin’ Donuts, which seems to be a favorite place for New York’s finest. The last question remains. Why three at once? Are there special deals at Dunkin’ Donuts?, do the men and women in these unmarked cars talk to each other? Maybe what looks like a Dunkin’ Donuts is in fact a surveillance post. Wait, I promised not to be paranoid. Is anybody reading this here? I wonder.


I heard a rumour that the Dunkin' Donuts was set up purely as a front in order to spy on you, 24 hours a day.

The squirrels may or may not be behind the operation...

Posted by: shauna on November 13, 2002 05:03 PM
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