not very PC


Nas just pointed out to me that this blog looks *horrible* when seen on a PC. And it does. I am just looking at it with a vaio and it is scary. The entire sidebar is just somewhere underneath the whole text. Oh boy. I need help...


it works now. it works now...
it was the image on the right. It was too big, which made it fall below the main entry area.
One day I will be hopefully able to figure out all the include html magic and stylesheets and all. And then I will probably retire and just build websites. (good night geek witold)

I've found it's the 'float' tag in the CSS that makes the sidebar go all screwy when the window is too small. Try using an 'absolute' tag instead. (of course I say this with no clue what that does to the site when seen on a mac)

When my redesign and migration to MT is done in the next day or two you can tell me how bad it looks on Mac.

woo hoo! it works!

FYI - On my Mac (G4, OS9.2, IE 5.1) looks perfect! Love your site. Wish I could come back to NYC sometime and shake your hand! Take care.

Looks like you're cooking with gas!


You fixed most of it. Thank you. But, the top nav stylesheet must still be messed up. The non-linking text appears unformatted. I am pretty sure it's not your design...or you could just be slipping in your old age.


i need some serious help. Can you send me a screenshot of the site as you see it?...
: )

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