in a single day... today.

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So much can happen in a single, simple day. And it even started on a rather quiet note... then there were the ceramics up the block, more mystery objects, miles walked, fish, birds, turtles, shrines, plants from the farthest corners of this planet, walking on an amazing lake, objects lost and found, a storm, a quiet subway station, and more, more, more, more, so much more I can even think of right now... i will now sleep. what could i possibly dream of tonight?

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my goodness. my goodness. these are so beautiful. quite a day you had. :)

they are stunning... love the one with the kids. did any of them fall in?

you can see the one that fell in, he was immediately transfigured into a golden fish. The picture shows his family trying to ensure him that things will be okay...
; )

(hmm... okay... maybe nobody fell in.)

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