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By the time you read this, there might be a new gallery of pictures of the bear over at The Morning News. The gallery this time is actually very different than the first series of bear pictures published by The Morning News. And no, the photographs are not all taken in Paris. And if anybody is reminded of a particular "conversation"... maybe it's a good start... hmm... size does matter... and so does context... and time... and...

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Unbelievably great series and story Witold. Just love it. Made my day.

i wish i could see through your eyes for just a day. beautiful photos, as always...


i'm so glad you still speak bear, witold. so glad. :)

How delightful! I love it!!

Hello Bear. Why does the baby Jesus always look so scared of you?

I think that's great :)

Does your bear friend know anything about this Banned Bear? Or the white dressed kidnappee?

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