An incredibly weak attempt to somehow express some very happy moments...

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And I turned into a bit of an invited fly on the wall. Or maybe I was more appropriately a little amphibian animal out of a jar... no both of these descriptions somehow subtly indicate that I was not comfortable. Quite the opposite was the case. I felt incredibly great, sitting in the last row of a very intimate introduction to a world somehow too coded for some, mysterious for others, loved, loved and adored by me. All visible and invisible aspects of it... And each one of the images flickering onto the wall triggered such an amazing palette of memories... real and imagined. The melting men, the mounted horses, the rebuilding of an environment by biting down trees, the ever growing hair, the bird cages, the tigers waiting patiently to be mended. And my chest opened and there were rabbits, the invisible kind, transparent bunnies, in the room, right there, jumping through the cone of informed light, embracing a girl in a floral skirt. I was even happier now than the black and white image in the two frames of a photo strip mounted to the refrigerator with a magnetic long ear buddy. And I felt that this was somehow the beginning of even greater, deeper, longer lasting happiness. Later that night we walked through the snow to the train and to the quiet home. And I have to find pieces of paper to write down the right expression of my happiness, as this here seems to be the slightly wrong wall. Here I am at this old silver painted bridge table, in a quiet room with a far away view. The walls are empty, and so is the floor. I will need to leave in a few moments. But I feel like a smile. God, and it is not even spring.

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Haven't you been down this road before?

hmm... perhaps there is only one road once one looks back...

...slip sliding away...

...and was just in time to see it pop down a large rabbit hole under the hedge."

Witold Riedel/White Rabbit?

life is full of surprise !! Isn't it ?


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