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The past week was much more demanding than I had anticipated. I thought to maybe have time to explore some of San Francisco while there, but no, most of the time was spent in a conference room, coming up with ideas, throwing them at people in the room. The project was very nice but it really demanded to much of my thinking and feeling that i was not able to write anything here at all. Amazing. I still got to see some of San Francisco, of course. I have the feeling that the city is far too polite for my taste. Maybe it was because I spent my days and nights in midtown, but I always had the feeling as if the streets were far too wide and the buildings really a backdrop. I do not think I will be moving to San Francisco any time soon. Even though the weather looks tempting and some of the friendliest people I know live there. I am glad to be back in New York... though it might take some time for my brain to arrive here as well. I hear the thinking never takes the plane... it always walks... (but maybe only to Mecca?) On a different note... Spam activity to this site has increased to levels that are barely acceptable. I am not sure if it is only me, or if everybody around here also gets hit by the strangest comment spam. I have blacklist and I use IP banning... but still, my log looks like a crazy battlefield.

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Yeh, I have blacklist too and thank goodness for it _everyday_ but I've noticed an increase in the amount of SPAM that's weedling its way in. Damned annoying - my numbers are still low but I have to spend some of each day adding URLs to the blacklist and deleting the comments from my site. I HATE spammers GRR.

I like your site though :)

yeah, it's crazy. blacklist does a good job, but i spend a good 10 min everyday cleaning it out.

me too witold! but mine has improved a lot since i added a whole heap of words to the blacklist - not just URLs. i added things like poker, xenical, bob@y... any words that crop up again and again. it really has helped! :)

i'm so glad i upgraded to the latest version of moveable type and blacklist... it's saved me many hours of deletions, i think.

what makes me happier than that, though is that you're back & blogging again. ;-)

SF is fine, but I've never thought of it as a particularly polite place (I guess I would never make it in New York!). The streets ARE wide and the buildings are interesting, but the pace is a but too frantic for me. I prefer Berkeley or Oakland. Sacramento is really quite nice too. We have an amazing amount of trees, which are rather beautiful this time of year. It's a shame we couldn't meet up. Perhaps next time, dear friend?

Welcome back.

Comment spam is the bane of my existence right now. I spend about an hour a day dealing with it. If I could kill the poeple responsible I swear I would. I am using MT-Blacklist plugin as well, and it works miracles, but it still doesn't go far enough. I am seriously planning a switch to ExpressionEngine, and a required login for commenting. I am that pissed off.

I wrote an open letter to Baby Jesus about it. You should read my hatred.

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