How I unexpectadly became a test driver for somebody else's first name. (Witold)

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A mother-to-be emailed me a few weeks ago. She had a dream about her unborn son. In the dream he was a maybe four year old boy, running around, laughing. She called his name in her dream. And the name she used was... Witold. She could not remember hearing this name ever before. Witold just appeared as this little boy, with a name, happy. She shared this strange boy-in-a-dream discovery with her husband... Her husband told her that he had had a similar dream. He also had dreamt of a boy whom he called... Witold, a name unfamiliar to him as well. Both parents-to-be were very amazed about their synchronic dream experiences and because we are in the 21st Century, they decided to just "google" this dream boy's name. This search brought them to my site. I unexpectedly became the ambassador of the name, and I was asked in a few emails if it served me well. My name clearly works quite well for me. I tried to supply some additional background material about the original Witold or Vytautas, or Witek... I gave them some information about the most common misspellings and mispronunciations of the name in the countries I had been lucky to have visited... I gave them some info on the many diminutives... and I somehow assumed that this would be the end of the story. The whole thing just felt too incredible to be true... I received an email today that indeed *Witold* Heimbold was born on 07/31/2004 17:56. He measured 57cm and weight 3.6kg after birth. Mother and Witold are doing fine... I even have a picture here... Amazing little miracles... amazing... photograph of Witold Heimbold 2004 Hans Helmut Heimbold.

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that is such an amazing story. bless that google :) you are like the godfather... sorta... hehe :)

lovely!! funny how the world is connected...

Aww, bless.

Now the trick is figuring out what it all means. There must be other Witolds in this big world we live in, so why did the fates choose you?

Oh, I think it was really my Google ranking that made me the first choice here. Yes, there are many, many, many Witolds.
I guess I am currently the Witold with the most links... : )
(but there could be some much more magical explanation to all this, of course...)
; )

This is an amazing story.

Ahh, that's a wonderful story. Stories of people dreaming together always fascinate me. It's good that you're #1 on Google for Witold--the power of Art!

Fates, Google. bah. Where's your sense of romance?

i actually believe in majik,....
so there.
; )

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