Something like 13065 words in no particular order...

Wanted to write something, but I could not, was not able to... so here are some pictures... in no particular order, really... they were just the ones I wanted to post in the next few days... or so... but why keep it back?... there is more... Stories happen anyway... ...


Eek! Scary Jesus pictures!

I love the tattered poster on the train tracks. Now *that* gave me a shiver...

hell yes! and i like the name you gave the photo too :)

ooh and there's your lillies on the wall.. they look great in that frame..

the humour in the jesus and ducks photo is terrific!

Jesus among the ducks was in a 99 store in Florida. : )
there were some other arrangements of other figures, but they would probably get me in trouble... Amazing things happen for 99...
The poster on the tracks gave me a shiver too... two days later a mangled body was discovered on the tracks of the same line btw... I think the gothamist reported... : \


Pics are great. As always.

The pictures look fantastic, I'm wondering what camera was used to take the "waiting_4_bus" photo.

thank you Mike,
the camera was probably the Canon S50... : )
(only the last picture in the bunch is taken with a my good old minilux)
: )

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