how low can I go?

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the last thing I remember from Death Valley are the bugs and the birds. The bugs were everywhere... they walked on the floor only, they were a fast walking kind. I stepped on one (I think by accident) and it made a sound as if somebody crushed some dired pepper and immediately turned into black dust... and so black dust did not look like black dust ever again. The birds, the smart birds, they were everywhere as well, outside at least... I felt observed... stalked... And the desert. It was the most powerful one, the one that did not care to look particularly pretty, it was just there to be very, very low and very hot and very dry. (Surrounded by spectacular mountains...) I decided to return to death valley. I am going to go in the "off season", not in the top heat of July, more at the end of May, June?, but still... I am going there, so I can touch the glowing, salty ground... in the morning... around sunrise. Then again, hopefully, around sunset. I want to see the universe hide behind the blue veil of the day and I want to see it reappear at night. I will probably take pictures. I will definitely draw. But I am not going to visit the desert in order to spend time looking at paper or at a picture taking machine. I just want to go back to a place that I have been thinking about for about 5 years now... Oh and I am also not going to perform any suicidal adventures. There will be no stupid midday hikes, no staring at the sun. I am much too aware that the desert would not even break into sweat killing me... And so I will be very, very careful... and I am going to write about it... I hope...

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Make sure to visit Zabriskie's Point at sunset.

Great idea. yes... : )

I just saw the new Gus Van Sant movie "Gerry". It was a very different movie set in the desert, with little dialogue and long, long scenery shots. It showed the desert to be very beautiful, but incredibly powerful. The moral of the story: be sure to stay on marked trails at all times.

Will the continuing adventures of "Rollman" take place in the brutal sun of Death Valley?

: ) oh I hope so... : )

I have never been to Death Valley, but I have seen "Zabriskie Point," Michelangelo Antonioni's 1970 somewhat psychedelic nature film set in your future vacation destination. Perhaps you too will meet a lovely young secretary and rollick around in the buff while Pink Floyd plays "Come In Number 51, Your Time Is Up" in the distance :) Enjoy!

haha, Stephan... I have not seen the movie, but my feeling is that in the off-season there will be no lovely secretaries there... and even if there were... oh well... i really just want to be in a place where there are visible stars at night... : )

Witold...enjoy the healing powers of the desert. The dense energy seems to automatically ground us humans...helping us to live in the "present". My dad used to make it out to Death Valley quite often. He said it kept him sane...

thank you so much, yes that's why... : )

I'll have the Peyote waiting.

Haha... I have the feeling that just the sight of the sky will be enough to knock me out...
you're funny... : )

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