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some of the best moments probably drove through me when my eyes were closed, even if the things around me were the ones I so much hoped to see. With the eyes closed, turned into a single point, focused, there, here now. Feeding the eyes is really a great luxury... pulling the stimuli to a darker chamber might be another one... I wonder what it would feel like to dim the lights in the city, my maybe just 20-30%... would we be more scared? Would we be more focused? Maybe just stay at home... I remember walking through Kraków a few years ago, at night, and I remember that there were some serious gaps between the islands of light cast by the little lanterns... And even more recently, when it was clear that it was time to leave my old apartment on 73rd street and to move one express train stop further uptown... I remember perceiving the new area here as much darker, much more quiet... I had to walk carefully, slower, the place here was a bit foreign to me... Another time, when I walked into an actually closed gallery at the guggenheim... or when I entered the completely dark staircase of the woolworth building in october of 2001... Oh, and it is beyond Junichiro Tanizaki's shadows... it is beyond that... I wonder how much time of our lives is actually spent with our eyes closed... and how much of this time is pleasant... or at least somehow... oh, I don't know...

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Jeff Soto!!??? Oh my. He might be a new favorite...or at least a tie for first, second, or third.

Yeah, Jeff Soto also likes plants, which makes me like him even more. : )

If you like Jeff Soto, so do I.

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