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The air looks as if it could cary the weight of a careful swimmer. Maybe two, moving their bodies in a smooth motion in a synchronized rhythm. They could move slowly over the Hudson river, up the valley, more and more acquiring the color of their surroundings. One of the great advantages of swimming in air is the simplicity of breathing. One never needs to surface, never needs to hold the breath... There are no careful swimmers out there, not right now, not humans, only pilots and passengers and insects and birds. (And some other natural aviators...) We took off the pillows. We waited for the sun to slowly set. It was nice to try to take the last picture, before it became impossible because the light meter told me that the film would not be able to see... It is good to take that last picture for the day... slowly... as if it were a really long stroke of a swim, high above a river... Oh, and the image below has not much to do with the entry above... it is a completely different story... maybe... because there must be a connection between the shadow of the invisible object (which is an organ, i think), the missing pillows, and the unconnected electrical outlet... and the scratched negative... And maybe, just maybe, maybe the picture itself is the actual connection of these and more elements...

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Such a good picture, Witold. So much wall, and that chair, the outlet. Nice.

That's a nice minimalist photo, Witold. Especially with the touch of color from the chair.

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