It was a small package of wild cherry and melon. And I have no even opened it. I just decided to get them, the little Wonka Nerds. A man with a heavy spanish accent happened to buy some beer and found it very amusing that I would buy this stuff. "Are you buying them, because you are in fact a nerd?" He thought it was really funny... (he laughed.)
"You know, maybe I really am." (Nerds are nice people aren't they?)
"No worries," he said "too much readin' has not ever harmed nobody. And maybe you know the numbers of the lotto."
"Oh, sorry, I certainly do not know those." Now I really sounded like the candy.
"Yeah, even you can not know them, it is one in three hundred million, it is really hard to guess..."
He had a point.
Later, walking by the same bodega, the same man happened to cross the street. It was a big event this time, he was incredibly drunk and slurred something under his breath. He lit up when he saw me. He must have liked with how I agreed with what he said.
"I came thiiiiis close!" he made a gesture with his fingers.
"Maybe next time!" I answered.
"Yeah!" he laughed.

Just a few yards from us, a man with a refrigerator was selling water in the street. The hair salon must have given him access to their electric outlet. He was one of the screaming salesmen. "ICE COLD WATER ICE COLD WATER ICE COLD WATER..."
The farther away I went the more it sounded like "I stole water, I stole water..." but that's a completely different story...


Oh such a cute story. Nerds are very funny. I'm glad you bought them. But Witi, I assure you - you are not one. :)

thank you... I really must have a completely different definition of "nerdism". I was recently severely flamed on one of the sites by suggesting that those leaving comments there (including myself) could be... well... nerds.
: )

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