summer header update


it was about time to give the headers on this page a more summery look... enjoy about 50 new random headers. refresh to see a new image... (maybe...)
i liked the idea of being able to see very familiar motivs in a sly new . the pattern breaks down the image into either triangles or cubes, dependent on how much effort one puts into seeing what is there. the flower images are also reduced to a play of color that makes them more like something seen through the eyes of a different life-form. It is interesting, that treating the images this way emphasizes the lushness of the flowers and at the same time tones down other elements of the picture. some of the images had insects in them, but what used to be quite good macro shots of these animals is now turned into just darkish clouds on flowers. a fascinating way to see things.
If you step away from the computer far enough, your brain will be able to reconstruct a surprisingly sharp image of the flowers, btw... give it a try... it is always nice to get away from that screen, isn't it? : )

(I hate it to write about changes to the site itself, thus this here is a temporary entry, okay?) : )


refresh... refresh... refresh!

i love 046!

ooh just saw 016... love the pinks...

These look really, really good. How printable are they? I would love to have these huge on my wall. Have you thought about that? I think you should think about it. Let me know. I'll take 2.

now i keep looking at 'em, it reminds me of summer in australia and looking out at the garden through the fly screen door... that fine mesh :)

Lovely! I'd love to know how you extract the colors out and create the triangles ... or is that a trade secret? ;)

Love it! Very nice......

Lovely! What a pleasant surprise I discovered upon visiting your site again after a few days away. Bring on the sun - and no more rainy season in Tokyo, please!!!...."Summer is ready when you are" (I always think of The Breeders every time summer rolls around again).

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