some days are tough


There are days that are just difficult. A pigeon almost hit my head. I missed a train, no wait, two trains. I had a headache, a bellyache, almost a narcolepsy attack in a meeting. Not a good day today. And then there were these attempts to look sideways, to come up with good creative concepts. To maybe at least draw one, just one little drawing.
Impossible. Not today. Not even this entry seems to make sense...
Some days are just really tough... and this one is not quite over yet...


Sorry to hear about your bad day, but its common eh.

The trick is perception, or rather, how you choose to perceive today's quite lovely events. The pigeon was merely wanting to give you a "kiss" for being his favorite pedestrian today. So you "missed" two trains, compared to all the thousands you've "made," I'd say that's pretty phenomenal. Still, I'm sure those two trains missed YOU a great deal as well. What a wonderful passenger you must make :) As for the headache? There HAD to be SOMEONE to keep the bellyache company, or else your stomach would have been truly sad and lonesome (don't forget to eat, Mr. Busy!). Narcolepsy is just a by-product of your lack of "nap time" at the office. See what you can do to encourage such practices amongst your fellow employers & employees. I suggest big comfortable pillows, castles made of blankets & chairs and afternoon storytime featuring pictures by the great Witold Riedel himself! And don't worry about today's lack of drawings, my friend. Your pen and paper will still be there tomorrow, you'll see. Today they are taking a MUCH NEEDED sabbatical and will be more than ready and raring to go in the morning. Trust me on this :)

i was here to give some words of encouragement.
but who can follow stephan's entry :)
he's 100% right on!

Thank you so much for your kind interpretation. Yes, you are right, it is all not so bad. Looking at the day now... it was not quite as bad as it felt when I was walking through it...
Stephan!, you are an absolute SuperHero.
You are Win!

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