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Phone conversations with my father are like two streams of consciousness flowing together to make a powerful stream. My father likes to be a serious and very wild river of thought. I like to listen and laugh. He reminded me today of how he used to teach me how to draw by recommending to draw circles until I see something that makes sense. Or maybe some straight lines, just to get the feeling for the drawing tool. He would more often make me draw circles though. (I really wanted to learn to draw as well as he did. So I would always bug him about drawing in general.)
I remembered our little exercises and began with drawing circles on circles on circles while on the phone with him.
I ended up with the drawing below... I emailed it to him right away and he had a really good laugh. And so did I...
Gosh, blogging under the influence again... ; )

It really all started with circles... Here the Outline view of this particular image. (Yes, drew it in Adobe Illustrator.)
Wow, why am I even posting this?... ; )


:) Cute - kind of reminds me of my dad. Goofy looking, kind of...fuzzy on the edges, strange eyes that seem to look at...something I never could see.

I must confess - it was your drawings that inspired me to take up pen (pencil, crayon, chalk...) again after many years of not drawing. I dont pretend to have anything like the talent that you so clearly display (I actually get a _feeling_ off some of your drawings - I just came back to NZ from America and now I understand some of them better), but I really enjoy it as an alternative to trying to bend words into the strange shapes I have been stuck in lately.


when is yr' ojciec starting a blog?

I particularly like the Woodcut feel the image has. Amazing it was done in Illustrator.

It kind of reminds me of a girl I used to know back in elementary school. She had big blue eyes, a pronounced nose, and large ears. I wonder, sometimes, if she's grown into those features, or if she still as... unique as she was then.

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