Digital Kitchen's hot...


Oh, what deful movies over at the Digital Kitchen.
I am especially enjoying Women by Annie Leibovitz (which appears to be very much analogue, just wonderful), Analogue Artists Against Piracy (scary, isn't it?), Platinum looks quite sexy...
I still think that this Six Feet Under opener is one of the best pieces on American Television these days. (Like Crewdson in Motion.)
Oh, and something about these floating objects in The 6th Day blew a certain piece of my mind...
(But maybe because they reminded me of the Annie Leibovitz spot... and of the first time when I put a brush with paint into water?)

And now something "completely different"...
Can anybody tell me more about Microsoft Spot?, though I do know a 3:30Minutes worth of it...


Hey Witold! Hola! Haven't forgotten about you and, yes, I still check your site/blog every once in a while to "enrich" myself. Quick recap... Went through tough period last summer > NY got to me > moved back to Puerto Rico (ugh!) > realized I had a lot of opportunities as a designer here > been working non-stop with great people and projects > and was able to travel to Scandinavia and to the Cannes Ad Awards this summer....

OK, so back to the posting... I do agree with you that the "Six Feet Under" titles are the most beautiful, elegant and creative titles (considering the particular theme they're presenting) on TV. I found out who designed them... (is this what you were talking about?) Also, you may want to check out these sites which I came across with as I was trying to find who designed the Bass-esque titles in "Catch me if you can" (if you haven't seen the movie, the titles are delicious and a must see -- these guys knew what they were doing.) (look up Kuntzel-Deygas under "directors") (remember?)

And last, but not least, check out this German guy who happens to have great taste in design, is very knowledable, has a lot of ideas and a lot of websites... Start at: (main portal for all his websites -- all are different and well designed)

Well, sorry for the long posting but wanted to say hi, hope you're doing well, and wanted to share links with you as I've "stolen" many from your blog and have learned lots!

Best wishes and (as Tibor used to say) cheers!


p.s. I have some recent pics here:

It seems to me that that "Spot" is going to be some kind of .Net-driven mobile information service.

Whether or not it flies or is the second coming of Microsoft Bob has yet to be seen.

I personally like the short version of the ad better than the long version; this is one case where an imposed narrative interferes with the imagery of the commercial.

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