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A blog is short for web log, a list of hyperlinks buffered by personal stories maybe, very subjective but still pulling at the resources of the web to tell the story. An online Journal is something sly different. It is a series of life experiences, written in a way blogs are written, shared with an invisible audience of web-surfers. Here the sources seem to be anchored more in the real world.
And then there is the genre of online Autobiography. These are websites which might contain a blog and an online journal but they attempt to see the bigger picture, not just the daily grind. My favorite Autobiographical site right now is probably Miles Hochstein’s Autobiography: documented life. Once you see the homepage, you will understand, we are dealing with a real (friendly and intelligent) person. I really like this site. It divides life into chapters of 7 years, allows for easy comparison of our own lifes to his, uses a lot of photography in just the right way, looks very straight forward, honest, real. It is what it is. A real life. You should definitely also take a look at Miles’ link section. He has been around the web for quite a while and has a really nice collection of good links. Some of them point to other online autobiography sites. A whole new layer in the world wide web for me. For you?

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