The lady from Saarbrücken


Most of the photographs in the box are portraits. The box is a bit of a fmaily album with pictures taken in Photo studios in various German cities. The picture here was taken in Saarbrücken, in Studio Rembrandt. I am not sure what it is, but I really like this picture. I think this young woman might be my favorite in the entire collection. I could not find a second picture of her. I think she looks quite beautiful. The picture is also about 8x4", also mounted on a hard grey cardboard.

Portrait of a young woman. Original vintage print mounted on grey cardboard. Inscription: Atelier Rembrandt, (Crest- S-G/ST-J), St-Johann-Saarbrücken, Bahnhof Str. 67.


these are great pictures!

I am so *jealous*
I would love to handle these photographs... so so jealous, they are almost like slides aren't they ?do they come with negatives too ?
............too jealous.

Most of the photographs in the box are mounted on really heavy cardboard. One is actually enclosed in glas, but it seems to have been a cheap souvenir from somewhere. Most of them have the address of the photo-studio on them, which supposedly has the negatives. I seriously doubt it though.
So no, I do not have the negatives. It seems to be just a random collection of images of a family somewhere in Saarbrücken, which then later might have moved to Frankfurt. I think that if we just investigate well enough, we might find somebody who knows these people. We’ll see. : )

Do you want to ? I'll help, it sounds exciting..;)

Hmm, we should try. I will post more and more clues. Eventually it should be possible to track down the family. ; )

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