My Dentist has a musical site


Boy, was I late for the dentist this morning. There must have been some inner voice that kept me from going. Who would like to go to the dentist? The place is about 10 blocks away but first there was no bus, I did not run fast enough, then there used to be an awning in front of the dentist building, and it was now missing, so I was seriously late. My teeth were still cleaned, all still worked out. The hygienist just did not have time to “measure my pockets”. Oh, this is what hurts every time. I think she just sticks a metal piece between my gum and the tooth until I squint my eyes, or make some painful sound. It is a bit like torture. So we left this out today. Am I glad we did. I will need to come back in three months though. To measure the pockets.
My dentist is actually pretty nice, and the hygienist is maybe the best I’ve ever met. It was not such a bad experience after all. Check out Dr. Silverman’s romantic site: Keith's Teeth (Turn on the sound please.)

He is actually much, much better than Dr. B. in Hanau, Germany. This guy was truly an explorer of sadistic paths. Physical and psychological. “You should stop smoking, my friend”... “Buth I do noth fmoke”... “Yes you do, admit it. You do.” “Ouch... I hont” (I was 14)
“You have teeth of a 50 year old man”. He really said that. I was 16. Not the nicest guy, this Dr. B. in Hanau.


I had a horrible hygienist like your Dr. B once. Luckily my current dentist is great. He's funny, smart and has a light touch. And he is very liberal with the sweet air.

(painful smile) thank you witold... my wisdom teeth just decided to finish where it left off two years ago and started growing again 8*I sideways, your dentist seems safe enough. My dentist is quite old and frail, I do not think he would like to extract wisdoms at all.

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