Just taking more pictures


Is it the heat?, the humidity?, the sun? It is almost impossible to write anything for the blog. I went out today. Took pictures. Birds, people, objects, ...
Even this post is hardly a real one. I probably just need more sleep.
Tomorrow will be a grand day. For sure.
Below a picture of me with the setup I used today. It is my old Praktina FX and the Sonnar 4/300, a beautiful, beautiful lens.


Hi Witold, where is your shot you took? I wish I could visit NYC again, it is a great city, BIG TIME!!! Clubs everywhere, shows everywhere, very coo place...

Hello Pat, oh, the camera is about 50 years old. I will have the film developed today and hope to be able to post a shot or two later. : )
Yes, New York is a great city indeed. Right now it is more hot than cool though... ; )

Do you process your own films ? black and whites ?

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