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Came across this exciting little website today: The New World Trade Center 2002 :: Proposal for a new beginning. Ideas that used to live and die on napkins now make it to the public, dress up as serious projects, flash and soundtrack and all. Impressive amount of work went into this project. The “new” design somehow, reminds me of a different futuristic building that has been around for 30 years. Does the proposed project remind us in any way of the BMW administrative building in Munich, designed by Karl Schwanzer? Hmm... What can I say. While we’re there, let’s not forget the BMW museum next to the Verwaltungsgebäude. It also could be an inspiration (it is a huge BMW logo when seen from the air. Take a tour of the BMW-Museum. (requires QuickTime VR)


Interestingly high tech... a park would be nice, and so simple.


I hate to be the one to say it, but I don't like it. The BMW building by comparison is much better. This appears to be a rip-off of that design, with every other idea these designers could think of crammed in. I love some of the ideas, such as the biosphere and the 2800 trees, etc., but the thing looks like a frankenstein building. They shoved a pyramid on top! I am surprised that they didn't propose to move Yankee stadium up there. I think they can pare down the design a bit, remove the opera house and residential areas, keep a biosphere or two, and maybe get rid of the full-body scanning machine that helps to make this building an "impenetrable fortress." By the way, there is no such thing as a building that can't be toppled. I thought we learned that on Sept. 11.

Ahem... I am not crazy about it either. I like the trees. The trees are good.
Also, just the claim of building a fortress has been a guarantee of destruction. It works this way even for more primitive animals like corals, or lobsters. So this whole thing is just a huge wrong idea. ; )

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