Avoid eye contact


We were almost alone. The little ones were around there too. She did not like me where I was, even though I was in the dark. I was really avoiding eye contact. I did not want to upset her in any way. She liked me less and less. Shortly after this brief look, she disappeared into the back.


there was a shortage of banana's and shades, could you really blame her ?

oh, beautiful, beautiful, what a joy to come here in the morning and see these photos...the seagulls, so lo-o-ovely, and then, here, even though I am sad she looks a bit perturbed. Maybe when you ever show these, you can have a little book with the stories, as they add so much, then people can either look at the pictures, without and then with what you say .... hm... just thinking : )

I think she really did not want me there. It was the morning, no visitors, whe could finally sit closer to the glas. And there I was with my camera.
It is a great idea to keep the stories with the pictures. Pictures might say more than a 1000 words, but there is often so much more than what we think to see. (has anybody seen the little bird walking towards the light in one of the park pictures in the 600x250 section of the catalogue?...)
Thank you again for your kind words.

i think you have superman eyes. I could not find this bird. Also, it was really hard for me to see that kid with green&yellow sneakers in the struth pictures (except one). There were other problems more predominant for me, and one photo I thought quite, quite nice, but yes....superman eyes ; )

(or maybe i am little bit blind....)

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