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I recently drove across Europe, in an over 30 year old camping bus. And I was trying to use as little diesel and oil as possible. But whom am I fooling. However, the experience was both profound and rejuvenating. Instead of death-scrolling, with my thumb, here I was slowly passing…
From one lucky parasite to ano…
Nov 16, 2023 (0 Comments)
This is a new keyboard and a new screen. And by the time I will be reading this again, both might seem archaic. But I also have the feeling that I will need to run whatever I am writing through some kind of spell checker. So, all a bit of…
On a train towards Paris
Nov 7, 2023 (0 Comments)
The circle of friends that slowly turns into something akin to a neolithic calendar. Placed on a plane near a highway. The roof gone for millennia. One of the monoliths seems to have remnants of paint on it.Many others have crumbled.One was taken away. Will anyone ever know how they…
Round and round and
May 8, 2023 (0 Comments)
Self medicated sleep deprivation. I think I. Remember that it works. At least it used to. It creates the illusion. Of quick decisions, a pretend-rational-bubble. It is a bit like being drunk on one’s own toxin-mix. Amplifiers can enter through the eyes, ears, mouth, skin. The possibilities are endless really….
Perchance to create
Dec 30, 2018 (0 Comments)
Sincere apologies
Sincere apologies
Mar 3, 2015 (0 Comments)
Have a great flight
Have a great flight
Feb 11, 2015 (0 Comments)
On layered tides of various speeds.
On layered tides of various sp…
Dec 30, 2014 (0 Comments)
Beyond the wilder dreams
Beyond the wilder dreams
Dec 1, 2014 (0 Comments)
The scale of things and other stuff.
The scale of things and other …
Aug 27, 2014 (0 Comments)
bread and puppets and gateways
bread and puppets and gateways
Aug 24, 2014 (0 Comments)
on and on and on
on and on and on
Oct 19, 2011 (0 Comments)
Right Time of Day, Just Not Here.
Right Time of Day, Just Not He…
Aug 6, 2011 (0 Comments)
Not Writing It Down
Not Writing It Down
Mar 2, 2011 (0 Comments)
Out of State
Out of State
Sep 29, 2010 (0 Comments)
The boxer looked at me suspiciously as I was on my way back to the seat behind his. I felt a bit as if he were just about attack me. But I guess that’s just the way he looks at people sometimes. It was a bit as if his eyes…
Brief encounters with a yet un…
Jun 11, 2010 (0 Comments)
like a not very well organized suitcase on a back trip, the collection of thoughts and observations allows for good arrangements, but only for those who take their time to make them. and every little object is somehow related to another little object. the world is contained in each and…
looking forward to a very shor…
Apr 3, 2010 (0 Comments)
A small incident involving my head
A small incident involving my …
Aug 11, 2009 (0 Comments)
Letter from the hungry tourist
Letter from the hungry tourist
Apr 28, 1993 (0 Comments)