About the Actual Person


Hello, I am Witold Riedel.

I use this website to collect some of the projects and ideas that happen while I keep working on other things.

At this point, I have been a creative professional for almost 30 years. My background is visual communication, but it is maybe more human communication that I work in.
I have collaborated with people around the world, in person and on the ground for many years. We have managed to tell some quite compelling stories, and have improved lives and bottom lines. We have made people laugh and cry and we have changed some things for the better. (Or so I was told.)

I have lived in Poland, Germany and the United States but have worked in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America with equal passion. (I have also worked on projects in Australia, but I have not visited, so it doesn’t really count.)

A lot of my work over the years has been in Marketing and Communications. But I have always been more interested in human stories and the issues surrounding our planet. And so despite winning many awards, I have never been an award chaser, and despite having worked in and with some of the most famous advertising agencies, I do not think to be a typical advertising man. I am a Creative Director, but like to describe myself more as a bridge between cultures and a human being.

I am one of the founding partners ot Tea & Water Ltd., A global marketing and communications consultancy created for those who want to change the world for the better. We work with some pretty amazing people around the globe and you can find out more about Tea & Water here.
In 2016 we created a new venture that looks at commercial photography and visual storytelling in a more human way (as opposed to greedy way) and we called it Tea & Water Pictures. We represent wonderful photographers around the world. The website is here.

In my personal work I am interested in the interconnectedness of ideas and matter, the things that make everything part of what we perceive as the universe. This sounds very broad, I know, but I am very peculiar about how I observe it all.
I basically look at what seems to be similar and discover that it isn’t. And then I look at what I am told is different and discover that it isn’t. Perhaps this is something everyone should try. It helps me tremendously to reduce prejudice and other unnecessary poison, while being able to discover some interesting wrinkles in the universe, not generally obvious to the common callphone user. (That’s what we seem to be turning into as a species? But maybe that’s a prejudice.)

It’s fairly easy to get in touch with me. (Probably a very 20th century thing to say.)

Everything is bound to change.

Brooklyn, NY April 2017

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