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New York (Owl) 2011

most of my time recently was spent in a chair. many of the chairs were light weight constructions made to help me sleep and sit and forget that i was sitting in them for hours, days. i could play with a little remote control. it would lift my legs, or it would lower by back. instead of telling my body to lift the legs, i could just pull a particular button and mechanically my legs would go up.
only up and down though. never to the left or to the right.

recently, when i tried to climb over a man sleeping next to me, in a similar chair, my leg cramped. it was just probably not used to taking commands from my head at this point. it listened to the buttons. maybe. maybe that’s a naive theory.
so the leg cramped and it went stumping towards the ground.
but there was no ground. there was a sleeping man.
and so i managed to kick a man i just met on the plane about an our earlier into one of the most vulnerable parts of his body. with full force. using my heel.
and to make things worse, we both got so scared by what just happened, that my leg just did it again.
so i kicked the man. and then staring into his wide open, asking eyes, i kicked him again. right… there. twice.

afterwards my elbows hurt quite a bit. they just got so bad that i was not able to lift anything. at least for a few moments. the few moments until i fell asleep again. next to that man i had kicked. the man, i would probably never meet again.

he made sure to wait for my return. he pressed some buttons so i had plenty of room to walk past him. no climbing necessary. well, the kicking was not intended. really.

i managed to not take any pictures today.
the day is not over, of course, but i am not sure i will be able to take my average 200 today. or 210? i am not feeling great at the moment and it might be wiser to reduce, not to create more in such a case.
i could obviously also reduce the urge to take pictures and just take some.
this place here is called beyond the piles for a reason.

tired. i am starting to feel like an old valley in some places. now and then a tree falls. and a car drives by. the old people do not go onto the fields anymore and the young people left for the city. an old dog still gets really excited when the mailman rides through on his bike. but really excited now manifests itself in the animal lifting the head and beating the ground with his tail. sleepy times.
well, it is probably not that bad.

i will apparently soon arrive at some amazing fountain of inspiration. i just hope my leg does not cramp up again and i do not kick opportunity in the groin. twice.
and this is not meant as a political statement, of course.
and i should probably also mention that i am incredibly happy. in many wonderful ways.
yes, i think that should be mentioned.
many times.

Brooklyn (Bunny) 2011


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